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You could keep yourself busy looking at pictures and reading events for a very long time. But even the most diligent need a break. So check out these pages of all sorts of miscellaneous things to be found on stonick!. You can't got wrong with what's here.

The Stonick Videos - Before Samantha was born Stephanie and I decided to get a Mini DV video camera so we could catch all the excitement of having a child. No, not the birth part, but the years of fun afterwards. So we picked up a camera in December of 2005 and started shooting. Shortly after our first use, I decided to get some software and put together DVDs. Initially I used Adobe Premiere Elements 2, and in 2010 upgraded to Adobe Premiere CS5. Now the videos can be much more exciting. See here all the videos that I have created for our family.
Old Home Page Images! - Check here for a porno, I mean photo-graphic history of the images on my home page. You can view all the home page images I have had on stonick!. It even lists the dates they were posted, complete with links to the original photo (were applicable). Outdoor Adventures! - Here is what I have been doing outside. This is the section of my web site that is dedicated to hiking, camping, backpacking, birds, nature, and all that good stuff.
The kids love this picture. The Fallen Teeth - This section is dedicted to the teeth of the kids that have fallen out. Samantha's teeth are the first to fall out, but as Trevor catches up in age we will start to follow the adventures of his missing teeth. Full with date fallen out, story, name, etc. there will be many adventures posted here.
The Traveling stonicks - We Stonicks have been quite a few places, so I decided to post some of those places on Google Maps for three reasons. If you want to see what and where we've gone you can. Two, I can show you some places that I like or have been. And, three, I can remember what and where I've been. So go here and check out the link to Google Maps. It's pretty slick.
The First stonick! House - Read about the first house we ever bought. Complete with before pictures and a rather pointless description of the layout. Now we have a little more room to live and we don't have to answer to an annoying landlord. Now we only have to worry about making our mortgage which is just a few more bucks than what we were paying in rent. But the tradeoff is well worth it.

Click on the picture to learn more.
stonick! children - When word of the first stonick! child was coming I created a whole wing of the website for him/her. Now that site is filled with pictures of Stephanie in the process of labor and Samantha after she was born. Now with the second kid on the way we've got even more posted. The Stonick - Black Wedding! - Come read all about the events leading up to the Stonick - Black wedding. Plus you can also view pictures from the wedding that many of our friends and family took. We had a great time and we were glad so many of our friends could join us on this most special day. Thank you and enjoy.
Metamorphosis of a Pimp! - I wasn't always the slick pimp that I am now. I started out as a humble nerdy child, and became what I was my senior year of high school. I'm not saying it was a good change or for the worse.
The Formation of My Wife! - Stephanie wasn't always the freak she currently is. She used to be a smaller freak back when she was in school. Check out her transformation from a cute little child to realizing all her glory as a senior in high school.
Shot Glass Collection! - Here is my collection of shot glasses that I've collected over the years. Some of these shot glasses date all the way back to the early 90s. Stephanie's Smashed Penny Collection! - Stephanie doesn't collect alcohol nor does she collect shot glasses. However she has her own little collection of smashed pennies going. The kind you have to pay 51 cents for at tourist locations. Come see a collection that is both cheaper than my shot glasses and takes up less room. She's so much more sensible than I am. Old Art by Greg Stonick! - Back in the days I used to draw on the computer a lot. Now for the first time, you can view these pictures. Ain't it exciting. Just so you know most of these were drawn on Microsoft Paintbrush. A few of them were actually drawn using Corel Draw.
Imperial High School's Class of 1994 Reunion Evening! - The graduating class of 1994 from Imperial High School celebrated thier 10 year anniversary on July 24, 2004. We had a great turn out with 17 of the 21 graduating students in attendance. Check out the pictures of all your favorite class of '94ers. Wooden Space Shuttle! - Many years ago during my senior year at Imperial I had an opportunity to create the most fantastic wooden projct in my woodshop class. Read here about my space shuttle and the adventure it was creating it. Old Friend's Houses! - Erik and I drove around Pasadena and took pictures of our friend's old houses. So I've turned it into a little game. See if you can put the right person in the right house.
Birthdays & Anniversaries! - Curious as to when you or others were born? Wondering when your next anniversary is? Fret no more, this page will keep you abreast of important dates and those not so important. Brushes with the Law! - Curious to see my shady past? Or is it really that shady? Check this out to see my moving violation tickets that I have received over that past 12 years of being a driver. Fear not about identity theft, I changed my drivers license number on all the tickets, see for yourself. Fun with Science! - I'm planning on adding a few scientific and engineering related type things on my web page. So you'll have to see what I add next, I'm not even sure what I plan to put on here, but I'm guessing it will be slightly nerdy.
Music to Listen to! - In early 2006 I decided to write about the music that I felt I enjoyed and listened to the most over the past 10 years or so. This is what I came up with. Ask me in another 10 years and I'm sure there will be some more additions to this page, and some different views of what I like. Enjoy this anyway, maybe you'll find a group you like too. Quotes! - No this isn't going to be a list of quotes from famous people, but I'm sure you'll recognize some of those who uttered the profound sayings. The quotes aren't necessarily profound, but I liked them at the time, and since this is my web page that's all that really matters. Audio! - I've decided to add a couple of audio sound bites to my web page. Hopefully someday I can collect more that are worth posting up here. But if I waited till I had something worth posting I'd never get anything up on my site, so I better start now.
History of Greg and his Music! - I play the electric bass, upright bass, the guitar, piano, melodica... and none of it very well. But it wasn't always that way. Read this if you are curious as to how I got into music and why I do what I do. I would like to be better one day, and with enough practice and 2000 years I will play at the level I'd like to. I'm not as good as many, but better than a few. But mostly it's fun.
An old friend to welcome you back.
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