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Haircut - Today I got a haircut but you can hardly tell. Also this is the only thing I've posted to my webpage in a very lon... (more)
Haircut - Trevor and I both go for a haircut. We also play Galaga and Mrs. Pacman. I play my best game ever on both. (more)
What's up with stonick.com - Is this the end of stonick.com. Nothing has been updated for a very long time. No consistent updates. What is ha... (more)
Haircut today - Actually Trevor and I both went in for a haircut today! We both look much different. (more)
Haircut Today - Today I got a hair cut. Sadly this is the only thing I've posted to this website in sometime. I need to figure ou... (more)
The Drive In - Stephanie, after visiting me at work for lunch, which was fun, planned for us to have a movie night out at the driv... (more)
Haircut - Today I got a haircut. It was time as it was long. (more)
Home Depot Workshop - We have taken our kids to quite a few of these Home Depot workshops. The kids get to make some project, and lately... (more)
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