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You may or may not be aware of this, but there are other web sites on this thing that we call the "Internet" that are worth visiting besides just stonick!. But thankfully I've put together a list, and it keeps growing, of these web sites so you know just where the hottest tickets are. To click on a category that sounds fun below and enjoy!

Computer Stuff Click here Reference links for computers and technology. Even you can learn more about computers.
Drinks & Alcohol Over the years I have grown quite fond of alcohol. For some reason the spirited drink just amazes me. I began my own collection of alcohol shortly after I turned 21 and am always pleased when I find something unique and exciting to try. I enjoy reading up on alcohol and the different recipes that you can try with it. Explore some of these web sites and let me know what you think. (Please Drink Responsibly)
E-Mail & Text
Click here Web sites where you can get e-mail from or other web related services, like getting your own domain name.
Engineering Click here Here are some engineering related sites with quite a bit of information about the profession.
For Your Reference Click here You can also use the internet to learn a great many things. Use these reference sites to educate yourself just that much more.
Friends of Mine Click here Check out the web sites that are made by my friends. Most of these are personal however there are a few business sites on here as well. If you have a web site, and it's not linked here, then let me know. I'll post it up so all the stonick! viewers can see it.
Funny Stuff When I want a laugh I check out these web sites. Homestar Runner's web site is one of my favorites, but all the sites listed here are fun and interesting. Do check them out.
Games and Puzzles Click here You may want to call me a nerd, but I like playing board games, card games, and solving puzzles. These are a collection of games and puzzles that I get a kick out of playing. I like the challenging ones that make you think, because I'm convinced that the more I think the smarter I'll get, and that can't hurt at all.
Government Our government has an amazing amount of information published for you too see. I'm listing some of the sites that I think have either useful information or interesting facts about our country and the programs the government runs. Make your government work for you, but also be a responsible citizen, and don't be an idiot.
Hiking & Outdoors I enjoy hiking and looking up trails and gear. Now you can see information I look at about hiking.
Hobbies of Mine Click here Links to sites that help me or feed my hobbies.
Miscellaneous Click here Here are some links to places I've been or worked or know something about. Random things can be found here relating to not much of anything.
Musical Groups Click here Enjoy these music groups. I do, and I like to check from time to time for new album information or when they are going on tour next.
Musical Instruments Click here Here are links to musical things of interest. I like music and enjoy looking it up from time to time on the web.
News & Traffic Get the latest News, Traffic, and Weather from these sites. Plus I have information about a lot of the local TV and radio stations here in Southern California.
Online Stores Click here Here are some online stores that I frequent for some of my entertainment needs.
Photography It wasn't until November of 2001 where I discovered my love of photography. I picked up a Sony DSC-P5 the day after Thanksgiving and ever since I've been a picture snappin' freak. A few years later after I pushed that little instant camera to it's limits (and taken close to 17,000 pictures with it) I picked up a Canon Digital Rebel. Now I have so many more options that I didn't have before. Additional settings, manual controls, lenses, filters, all sorts of fun things. Here you can find some of the sites I browse for my next accessory.
Restaurants & Food Click here I like to eat, as most of us do, and here are some of the places I enjoy for a good sit down meal, a quick take out and all in between
Tourist Spots Click here Check out these places that I have been or want to go to. There are so many amazing things to see in this world and here are a few of my picks.
Weather &
The Night Sky
Click here Here you can find links to weather related sites as well as astrological sites. The weather is such an important factor; it's good to know what's coming your way. And there are always exciting things happening in the heavens that you don't want to miss.
z Links Click here Here is where I will store links that I'm interested in temporarly for some reason or another.
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